Current beauty favorites, trends and tips.

woensdag 21 december 2016

Here are tips to help get ready for an enjoyable, meaningful holiday season!
Current beauty favourites, trends and tips.

I am so ready for the upcoming holidays, Its truly my favourite time of the year. Because I can glam up and go for the over the top looks.

I am a bit of a dress addict so I probably own too many cute dresses. Today’s fashion trends come and go and come back again. And this year it’s about classic and shining.

A black and red dress is a must have item whatever your age is.

Photo taken by Johan -->take a look at his website

A-line dresses, they create the illusion of slimmer waist and who doesn’t want that?! 

I love this red dress. Its perfect for a party or just for the holidays. How amazing is the red on red combo? I love the dark red colours. This season you will see a lot of warm tones.
If you for some reason don’t like your legs, just hide them under a beautiful maxi dress with the focus on other parts of your body.
Do you have a pear-shaped figure? Just go for a spaghetti straps dress which will put the focus on your beautiful shoulders and try to combine it with a A-line skirt at the bottom.
It will accentuate your best parts without adding any extra inches.

You can never have too many holiday dresses, right?
A little black dress is always a classis choice. It's a timeless choice which is still appropriate today. You can update the look with different fabrics for more variation and texture and mix it up easy by playing with your make-up.

I started with a simple V neck cutting dress from Vanilia.

I like smart dresses like this one. Because it gives a giveaway effect without exposing any cleavage. Talking about illusions hey girls.
And for comfort I added my favorite vest.

Details :   Photo taken by firsttakefotografie Love his work!  Contacts lenses in Husky gray green
Red lipstick is from Mineralogie in Icon

To update this look a bit more, I added these pretty lenses. 
I combine it with so many different looks! It is one of those items that you keep coming back to. The colour of my eyes by the mood I’m in. 
Love to mix things up and most importantly they can express how I feel. Contacts are today’s ‘’new’’ accessories.

Details :   Photo taken by firsttakefotografie /  lips in ''Icon’ from Mineralogie

Red Lipstick

The outfit is important but the finishing touch is your make-up! the colours you use can make or brake a look.

A classic look which dominated the past years and the coming seasons. So investing in a couple of good red lipstick is a must for coming season.
My current favorites are ''Rouge a lèvres’ and '' Icon'' both from Mineralogie.
I love the intensity of this color! This color contains a lot of pigment and doesn’t fade during the day.
It doesn't feel dry. This is because it contains components of jojoba oil, vitamins A and E.

Red lipstick fit's every skin tone and they are enough statement on their own.
lovely red lips with really smoky eyes, or just natural looking make-up with the focus on the lashes and the lips.
You can’t go wrong with this classic item. Furthermore, you can combine it effortlessly with your own style.

Details : Lipstick in ''OMG''  from Mineralogie

Dark side
If you want something new take a trip to the dark side. Black, purple or mix them it up! It really doesn't matter for this winter look!
I love to keep my overall make-up natural with the focus on purple lips.

Girly and fun

Details :   Photo taken by firsttakefotografie Lips From mineralogie in ''Rush hour '' 

Love to be girly? Then you have to try the pastel and bright pink lips.
Currently i use The gloss from mineralogie in bright pink called ''rush hour''

Going for the soft, pretty pink lips has innocence written all over it! And we love the untouched and youthful virgin look.
I mixed this sugary baby pink colour with the rainbow eyes.
This season you shouldn't hesitated to use some bold and bright pastels or metallic colour!
Need more colours in you’re life? Then try colorful eyeliners. They are pretty cool and easy in use.

Details: liners yellow from miss sporty and NYX 

The Glitter and lashes effect

       Details: Contacts lenses in Husky gray green

Spice things up. This fall / winter you can put glitters on your face and even on your clothes.
A little sparkly to shine doesn't hurt anybody right.

Lashes can change your look! And putting the focus on your eyes! Which is perfect if you´re in a flirty mood.
I love the natural look with the sensual thick faux eyelashes.

Hope you enjoyed reading it! Have a wonderful time and enjoy the Holidays.

Used make-up from Mineralogie NL , miss sporty and Etos and photo taken by Firsttakefotografie and Thelonelyones fotografie & imaging

Author : s. sarahs
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