With Valentine's Day , it's time to start spreading the love…

dinsdag 14 februari 2017

Are you single? well you can do this with your friends as well!

Valentine’s Day for me means, well make it unforgettable. Let him never forget you or this day!

And what better way than these sexy ideas.

Here are some creative ways to tell your spouse, “I love you”

Life is too short to be safe

Boys like danger and trying new exiting things.
Go out of your safe zone! it’s fun and relaxing for you and him.

Arrange a shooting package at a shooting range. You can mix and match (skeet shooting , small caliber, paintballs ect..)
He will always remember this day and it will show him that you are outgoing and adventurous. A fun girl is the perfect girl for him!
And If you are single you can do this with your friends! Its fun and relaxing.

look for this day? Keep it simple but stunning.

lips from mineralogie in ''Rush hour'' Perfect for the day! Love this gloss, its pink and girly! No need to touch yourself up through out the day.
It stays perfect on your lips for hours. Perfect in combination with this activity!  

Make this your most memorable first date yet…

Dare to impress him with something unexpected.

Sushi on Body!
Unfortunately in Holland we don’t have Nyotaimori ( sushi on body ).

But you can order a stripper around €170,- . You can make arrangement with her agency regarding hygiene, looks and what is expected.

Secondly order a sushi takeaway box at your favorite sushi restaurant, or you can make it yourself.

Make sure to buy babana leaf. Banana leaves they are large, flexible, waterproof ! but this on the body of your ‘’model’’ and than put the sushi on it. It’s hygiene and it looks beautiful.

You can make this an intimate date. Food and sex always a good combinations don’t you agree?
You can also share it with other couples and or friends.
Its fun and relaxing ánd hi always will remember it! Remember you for it! Its shows you are confident and in for a fun.

keep your look simple with the focus on your lips and eyes.
Guys like big bambi eyes with long and thick lashes combine it with red lips! Red lips are universally attractive and it gives the sign of willingness to engage in sex.
The Combination of your big eye-catching eyes and your bloody red lips has an irresistible attraction to men.


Pic taken by firsttakefotografie

Here I mixed the mineralogie lipstick in ''icon'' and the Beauty bakery gloss ''in cranberry'' for the perfect shade.
Most importantly they are smudge free! Which means no Need a Touch-Up. You can eat and drink as much as you like. Your lips will still look perfect!
Color lenses from the webshop in Husky Gray green

If you try one of my tips let me know how it went!
Have fun babes!

Author : s. sarahs
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